Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Belome

If you're unfamiliar with this monster, it's from a pretty awesome game.

The Belome
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 90'
Armor Class: 5 (or 15, whatever)
Hit Dice: 7
Attacks: 3 (2 claws, tongue)
Damage: d6/d6, d8
Save: Fighter 5
Intelligence: Low
Morale: 9

The Belome is a legendary glutton. In between fits of gorging, its tongue dangles obscenely from its jaw. It is capable of speech, but is almost incomprehensible due to its over-sized tongue, and says little outside of gluttonous ranting. It is believed that it can taste things from a distance, to a limited degree, with its extra set of eyes. Despite its insatiable appetite, years of constant eating have made the Belome a bit jaded. It constantly seeks new tastes, and throws itself at any novel cuisine, animal or vegetable.

If the Belome hits a (man-sized or smaller) creature with both its claws and its tongue, the unfortunate victim must save against death or be swallowed whole. The Belome's gullet is supernaturally large and tough. It can accommodate 4 medium-sized creatures or 6 small creatures. The creature's digestion is weak, causing 1 acid damage per round. Hacking through the beast's digestive system is a daunting task (AC 2, 40 hp), but those who succeed are violently ejected from the Belome's mouth. The creature has also been known to spit out its meals when it encounters a particularly interesting food and wants to make room.

As long as at least one living creature is imprisoned in its gullet, the Belome gains regeneration 2. The Belome loses a hit dice for every day it is deprived of food (not as easy as it sounds, because it will eat just about anything).

Once per day, the Belome can acutely focus its extra set of eyes to "feed" on a living thing. The target must save vs. gaze attacks or lose 1 Constitution per round until the Belome is diverted by something else.


  1. It is believed that it can taste things from a distance, to a limited degree, with its extra set of eyes


    maybe there could be a greater version that can devour you with its gaze, draining HP or maybe CON as you get thinner and thinner

  2. Awesome! I always appreciate a good Super Mario RPG reference.

  3. good idea, Cole. added the power to the description. hope I didn't make it too harsh...

  4. i visited this post due to having

    1) played that game
    2) lived in china (not dongbei)

    ...nice blog!