Tuesday, May 1, 2012


First update in a long time. If you haven't noticed, congrats on having a life! I am trying to relocate to Hanoi while shouldering more work responsibilities, so won't be able to update as much as I want.

From mythwood.
Lumbering, drooling, club-dragging ogres are staple threats in most parts of the world. Their female counterparts are seen less but are equally dangerous. Ogresses are cleverer and, at first glance less ruthless and impulsive, than their menfolk. Their shoes and dresses are made of cured hides stitched together with some care and precision. Their hair and skin are usually less than filthy. They tuck bone knives the size of scimitars into their belts.

Ogresses disdain their male counterparts but have overwhelming maternal instincts. This drives many to kidnapping members of smaller races and forcing them into roles of husbands or children. Their lairs, unnervingly cozy and crowded with bizarre knickknacks, have a 75% change of having d4+1 captive "family" members. Ogresses are cruel governesses and not opposed to cannibalism when food is scarce.

Ogresses fight with the same stats as ogres, but they prefer deception and trickery to brute force. They will always attempt to get the drop on their foes. If successful, they will try to drop a heavy sack over the most vulnerable-looking member of a group (attack at -2 to hit) and haul them off while beating them into submission. A trapped character can escape with a strength check or by spending d4 rounds cutting through the fabric.

Ogresses have the ability to perfectly imitate any voice they have previously heard. Dogs and horses don't fall for it, though, and react to the trickery with hostility or fear. This is why every child living on the edge of the forest has his or her own dog that never leaves their side.

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