Saturday, February 23, 2013

Age of Man Class, The Blade

I hope to incorporate some more AoM mechanics as I show off this class. Inspired partly by the boxer class from Engines and Empires.

The Blade
Romantic figures who live fast and die young. These days, many blades fight the things that have reawakened along civilization's frontier with great panache. Their tactics are bold, and they rely on opportunity and wit more than expertise or training. 

Some so-called professional fighters grumble about these upstart gentry, dashing rogues and wronged nobility. They call the lot of them barely-trained attention seekers whose japes do nothing but endanger themselves and their companions. Blades don't care because even when they don't get the job done, they usually end up seducing their critics' frustrated spouses.

Class Modifiers
Hit Points: Body +3
Recovery Dice: Roll 1d6 for every odd level attained. You can recover once per day as a full-round action.
Fighting Ability: +2 to attacks with rapiers, daggers and 2 other weapons.
Starting Bonus: +1 to Deftness, Poise or Reflex

Class Features
Fencer: +1 to attacks when fighting a single opponent, but -1 to attacks for each additional opponent engaged in melee
Main Gauche: +1 to defense when wielding a dagger in offhand
Twin Strikes: When wielding both a rapier and dagger, can attempt to strike with both weapons in rapid succession once per battle. Make a Reflex check after a successful or unsuccessful attack roll. On a success, roll another attack at -2 to hit. On a partial success, roll another attack at -4 to hit. Failure indicates that you only succeed in opening yourself up for a riposte, and your opponent gets an immediate attack.
Swashbuckler's Shield: Can attempt to parry an arrow, crossbow bolt or similar projectile once per battle with an impressive flourish. The intended target must be either you or someone adjacent. Make a Deftness check. On a success, the projectile is sundered. On a partial success, the projectile stays intact and flies off in a random direction. On a failure, you're automatically hit by the projectile.
Verbal Sparring: Can deliver a stinging taunt once per battle against an opponent in melee range. Make a Poise check. On a success, the opponent is forced to make a tactical blunder and takes -1 to attack or defense per blade's level (maximum of 5) on the next round. On a partial success, the opponent takes advantage of your imperfectly-timed quip. The opponent gains an immediate attack but still suffers the attack or defense penalty during the following round. On a failure, your insult falls flat. Your ego is bruised and you cannot attempt to verbally spar again until you get a good night's sleep.

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