Friday, February 15, 2013

Jacks - Pumpkin Kid Race

Inspired by Dungeon Dozen!

Requirements: CHA 9
Abilities: DEX +1. STR -1  

Though Jacks have jack-o-lanterns for heads, they will beat on you with bony fists if you call them pumpkin kids.These boisterous creatures have twiggy limbs and rarely stand taller than four and half feet. They are "born" when orphan children die too soon. It is said that their heads become pumpkins, and the bodies become animated by some fey spirit. Sadly, their numbers only grow as people flock to the cities.

Each Jack (females are inevitably called Jills) begins his or her life with a rudimentary face that is a grin or frown depending on the nature of the inhabiting spirit. As their lives progress, they gain special marks on their heads that signify rank in a gang or group, as well as indicate history and personality. They do not mature physically from the point at which they are born. Jacks do not play well with others. All are irreverent, and they are especially venomous towards organizations that harm children, or neglect their suffering. The chips on their shoulders lead them to quick, exciting lives.

Jacks can remove their heads and still control their bodies as long as they remain in sight of the head. A body killed while detached from its head has a 50% chance of being salvageable. Jacks without bodies must rely on others to carry them. Headless bodies move awkwardly. They move at half speed, suffer a -2 penalty on attack rolls, and -4 to all skill rolls.

When desperate, Jacks can fling their own heads up to 30'. If used as a weapon, their heads deal d6 damage and d4+1 fire damage. However, the Jack also takes this damage, and must retrieve the head.

Jacks are dirty fighters. When making a melee attack while adjacent to an ally, they get +2 to attack and +2 to damage.

The eerie light emanating from a Jack's head functions as a torch. Jacks wanting to be stealthy can dim the light until it's no brighter than a matchstick's flame.


  1. Counter-point: Instead of seeing better in darkness, Jack's eerily glowing head provides light as a torch.