Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dark Crystal Concept Art

I watched the Dark Crystal for the first time in forever and I still love it. The ambient forest scene that depicts a fantasy ecosystem via animatronics impresses me more than any set piece from the LoTR movies.

I didn't appreciate how finely crafted and hilarious the Skeksies were when I was a kid. Even the minor ones reveal lots of character through movements, dress, bits of speech and mannerisms. Their feast scene is great. One nibbles daintily with a silver fork while another slurps straight from a soup pot. And they are all so decadent and petty that I can't help but laugh at them. They're a handful of ancients clinging to obsolete titles and rituals as they jockey for dominance over a wasteland and some hapless tree-dwellers, for crying out loud.

Check out this concept art:
The Worm Woods


table-breaking awe

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