Monday, March 26, 2012

New Spell: Serpent Limb

Serpent Limb
Level: 2 Magic-User
Duration: Caster level +d4 rounds
Range: 0

This spell, common among lizardfolk sorcerers, transforms a random limb into a hissing python. If an arm is altered, the caster cannot hold anything with the transformed hand. If a leg is affected, the caster's speed is cut in half. The serpent limb strikes with a venomous bite as a fighter of the same caster level of the magic-user. The bite deals d4+1 damage and inflicts poison. The severity of the poison depends on the magic user's level.

Level 3: Onset 2d4 rounds. 10 damage. Save damage 0.
Level 5: Onset d6 rounds. 15 damage. Save damage 0.
Level 8: Onset d6 rounds. 15 damage. Save damage 5.
Level 11+: Onset immediate. 20 damage. Save damage 10.

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