Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY Democracy: The Fighter

Before coming to China, I played a modified Labyrinth Lord campaign with a few good friends. All of them started playing D&D in 3rd Edition and some had gone on to play 4th. Even though they loved the deadly, fast-paced, open-ended old school play, they missed a lot of the options and advancements from later editions.

We turned the campaign into kind of a collaborative project where we constantly modified the rules for classes and mechanics until we created a whole new monster. Yeah, yeah, I'm too democratic for my own good...

Here's what our fighter class looks like after a few months of democracy in action:

From Underworld Ink. All their stuff looks this bad ass.
Requirements: None
Hit dice: d10
-All the races
-All the weapons
-All the armor

A fighter who strikes down an enemy in melee can transfer excess damage dealt to another enemy in melee range. So if Tandoro swings his sword and deals 6 damage to an orc with only 4 hit points, he also deals 2 damage to the orc's buddy.

Weapon expertise
Fighters get the most out of their weapons. Depending on what kind of weapon they wield, they receive bonuses. These bonuses only work against monsters of equal or less hit dice than the fighter.
Axes: +1d6 base damage added to a critical hit
Bludgeons: On a maximum damage roll, the target is stunned an cannot act for a single round. If the target is helmeted or otherwise thick-headed, the target gets -2 penalty to attacks and AC for a single round.
Polearms: Fighter automatically wins initiative against enemies that do not have polearms, ranged weapons or reach.
Swords:  Inflict critical hits on a natural 19 or 20. But a roll of 19 is not an auto-hit like a roll of 20.


  1. Very nice. I did something similar in Pars Fortuna with weapons independent of any class.

  2. Just skimmed through basic Pars Fortuna. Already lots I could see myself using, especially the one-page monster creation and short stat blocks!