Saturday, March 17, 2012

M.A.R. Barker Has Passed

You probably know that Professor Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman (M.A.R.) Barker, the creator of the world of Tekumel, passed on.

I didn't grow up familiar with Tekumel. I've barely scratched the surface of his works, but they have already challenged me to step outside my creative boundaries and to appreciate the fantastic. 

Barker should not just be remembered as a fantasy visionary, but as a lover of the world. His world-class credentials come from immersing himself in the cultures of rural India, Pakistan and the Klamath Indians to study their languages. And if he could, he would certainly give the same attention to the lost Meso-American cultures that inspired Tekumel. His enthusiasm and respect for all the world's people comes through in the exhaustive details he gives his creation. 

He inspires me to find greater appreciation for the people in China, and to find joy and purpose in creativity.

Please visit the Tekumel Foundation.

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