Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First G+ Session

I finally got to enjoy my first FLAILSNAILS game. Ian from 3d6 in a row ran us through the Houses of Stone, a vast dungeon in an alt-universe medieval Zimbabwe filled with keypads, elevators, ape men and huge anthills. I played a Moorish cleric, Kareem ibn Jamul. One cool thing about playing a Muslim cleric is that you don't need a holy symbol.

Some highlights:
-Learned about construction in sub-Saharan Africa. Zimbabwe's masons were not stone carvers. They instead heated blocks of granite until they fractured, and fitted the split stones together without mortar.
-The mighty pugilist Rubro defeated a patrol of ape men with only his fists and feet. He lost a toe when an ape man somehow cleaved a bolt midair and the point bounced back to hit his foot. Other than that, he emerged unscathed.
-Senor Silver turned a battle against giant ants into a rodeo. He somehow made a makeshift bridle from his tabbard and mounted an ant mid-battle. He actually managed to ride it around the room until he tried to stop it. The ant flung him off and ducked back into the hole. He tried to strike a dashing pose as he landed, and fell face-first in the mud.
-Kareem, in a heroic effort to free Rubro from a carnivorous vine using a torch, got really thick smoke in his eyes and had to sit out the battle.
-Discovered a copper pot containing two magical stones after the ant rodeo shenanigans. One rock gave its holder a feeling of euphoria, and the other gave its holder a desire to explore the depths of the Earth. Rubro claimed the stones for himself and challenged any objectors to a duel. Senor Silver, his devoted wife Mrs. Silver, and Tobias the local magician took him up on his offer. The duel began. Kareem, out of humility or cowardice, slipped away with a gold-filled sack and a potion that "made men like spiders".
-Kareem got away before the duel somehow escalated into a gunpowder explosion that killed everyone.


  1. hey if you want to try to get together to slay over g+, my url is

  2. Sounds good! I'm about to leave for Vietnam for a week and my schedule's usually pretty crazy anyway, but I'd be down to game sometime.