Monday, March 19, 2012

Lizardfolk of Ecshal

Humans, dwarves and elves are the most prolific races across the Isles. But they are far from being the island's original inhabitants.

Abilities: +2 Constitution, -2 to random ability (see below)

Lizardfolk are the degenerate descendants of the Children of the Sun. The Children of the Sun held an empire that spanned the Ecshal Isles centuries before the arrival of the mammalian races. From what scraps of knowledge survive, they were believed to be the world's most advanced alchemists and machinists. They could harness the power of volcanoes to light their homes, run their forges and destroy their enemies. They altered animals and plants to suit their whims, and their sorcerer-kings led fanatical brainwashed drone armies against one another. All of this, of course, led to their collapse. By the time the first humans arrived, most lizardfolk existed either as slaves or as outlaws sulking in the island's endless caves and jungles. Today the temples and palaces are overgrown, crumbling and filled with their ancestors mummies. Those brave enough to delve into the crypts can hear them whisper of ages past.

This Child of the Sun, allegedly the sorcerer-king Chog'Xo, lives on as a conversation piece in the Defiant Palace.
Lizardfolk revere their dead even more than other races because they have they all have the ability to speak with their deceased as long as the bodies are properly mummified. Since everyone has a direct line to the afterlife, they think little of clerics or religion.

Lizardfolk are genetically unstable after generations of exposure to alchemy. They have a -2 penalty to a random ability, determined by rolling a d6. They also roll d4-1 times on this random mutation table (2d20):

2) Reeking glands. Impossible to hide from or surprise anything with a sense of smell.
3) Stunted. +1 to attacks against large opponents, but -1 to melee damage.
4) Huge. +2 to damage, but -1 penalty to AC.
5) Albino. -1 penalty to all rolls made in daylight.
6) Hunchbacked. Speed reduced by 1/4.
7) Extra limb. 50% chance it's functional.
8) Tail. Can't be tripped, knocked prone or fall easily. Re-roll any failed rolls relating to these things once.
9) Bottomless stomach. Must consume 4x necessary food and water daily or begin to starve.
10) Pain insensitivity. Player does not know current hit points.
11) Pain sensitivity. Takes +2 damage from all attacks.
12) Double-headed. Makes two sensory checks when searching or avoiding surprise.
13) Tentacles and squid-like beak instead of a proper mouth. On two successful attacks with tentacles, can grapple and bite for d6 damage.
14) Multiple personalities. Every d6+1 days, 10% chance of alignment change.
15) Blood hardens quickly into wicked scabs. +2 bonus to armor class when reduced to 1/2 hp.
16) Blind (50%) or deaf (50%).
17) Quadruped. Double carrying weight, increase speed by 1/4, but -1 penalty to AC.
18) Fast metabolism. Healing rate doubled, as is necessary food consumption.
19) Feathers instead of scales.
20) Crocodilian skin. +2 bonus to armor class
21) Psychic. Gain random 1st level spell that can be used once per day.
22) Spiny. Unarmed attacks deal d4 damage, and anything trying to grapple or swallow you takes d4 damage.
23) Extra eye. Determine its ability by rolling d6. (1 = infravision; 2 = blind, no ability; 3 = can see spirits; 4 = visual hallucinations; 5 = can cast fear 1/day; 6 = keen, roll perception checks twice)
24) Hears voices. Fails all perception rolls, 1/4 chance of fatigue after a night's sleep.
25) Brittle skeleton. Double damage from all crushing damage, including falls.
26) Venomous. Gains a bite attack that does d4 damage and inflicts a random poison.
27) Echolocation. Can sense locations in darkness as long as hearing is possible.
28) Claws. Gain 2 attacks that deal d4 damage, but take -2 penalty to all weapon attacks.
29) Gills. Can breathe underwater.
30) Chameleon scales. When still, 5/6 chance of hiding in wilderness.
31) Weak-willed. Automatically fails saves against mind control or manipulation.
32) Long legs. Movement increased by 1/4.
33) Photosynthetic. Gains energy by soaking in the sun instead of eating. Movement decreased by 1/2.
34) Thin-skinned. -1 penalty to armor class.
35) Projectile tongue. Range 10', d4 damage, grappling.
36) Corpulent. +2 to hit points per level.
37) Gaunt. -2 to hit points per level, minimum 1.
38) Elaborate head crest marks you as a descendant of sorcerer-kings. +2 bonus to reaction rolls among lizardfolk.
39) Bloodlust. As long as there's someone left to fight, remain conscious until hit points reach a negative number equal to current level.
40) Schizophrenic. -4 to all mental abilities, and you live in your own bizarre world.

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